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In RK DESIGN BULGARIA OOD we understand that the chair is a fundametal piece of decor of any environment, able to provide added value and prominence image that no other element can achieve.Today, the possibilities in terms of design, functionality and materials are endless. We know them very well, and we can help you find the chair that best fits your idea to create a unique atmosphere. Our formula is simple, we combine experience and innovation. The result is RK DESIGN BULGARIA OOD, the most extensive catalog and classification of modern chairs and design at your fingertips, plus a showroom of more than 250m2 where you will see, test and compare hundreds of chairs. We are confident that in RK DESIGN BULGARIA OOD you can find the chair that meets all your expectations.

In RK DESIGN BULGARIA OOD we have the largest product offering to condition any business in hospitality (hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, entertainment, etc.)
Tell us your ideas. We can advise and give the best solution for your project, orient yourself about the products that best suits your requirements, furniture and even run as special items. We can apply special discounts for volume order and make a budget for each type of project.